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Asphalt pavement is known for it's durability and resilience. It  is made up of stone, sand, additives and liquid asphalt - used as the binding material. The flexibility found in asphalt pavement is one if its greatest strengths. The proper clearing, excavation, ground compaction and base materials require a great deal of expertise to be done before the asphalt is applied. Once ready, it is laid using an asphalt paver and rollers. Proper rolling methods have to be used to ensure proper compaction.

Once the asphalt mix is compacted on the driveway, it should be left for hardening. A minimum of 24 hours is required for the asphalt mix to harden before it can be used. If enough time is not allowed for hardening, then it will result in poor a quality pavement. You may ruin your beautiful driveway or parking lot by using it to soon.


Our materials and consistent methods will provide a smooth and durable finish perfect for both residential and commercial purposes. You can count on our experts for quality paving solutions. 

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